Donington Park erases scars of F1 nightmare to give clear view of future Read more:

Only five years ago, the gates at Donington Park were locked shut and the future of the racetrack looked uncertain. But, today, millions of pounds is being invested to enhance the circuit for a new racing championship.
FIVE years ago, Donington Park resembled more of a rally track than a race circuit.
The once lush green infield, that at one time was populated by thousands of car and bike racing fans, had been desecrated by an army of diggers and earth-movers.
It was all part of an ambitious plan to extend the circuit in order to bring the Formula One British Grand Prix to Donington.
Christopher Tate, managing director of Donington Park Racing, on the track with Jeremy Murfitt, left, from EIS Property, who is overseeing the reconstruction work at the circuit.