F1 stars astonished by power of V6 units

Any worries about the pace of the new V6 era were put safely to sleep last week as the new units showed their teeth.
With reduced downforce and huge power from the turbo and new ERS systems the 2014 cars are pumping out nearly 900 bhp, figures not seen since the V10s were heard screaming around racetracks.
Though cornering speeds are down from last year, the huge grunt is more than making up the time down the straights.
In Bahrain the Ferrari of Fernando Alonso was clocked at 336kph (208 mph) along the main straight as compared to the highest speed of 318kph (197mph) with DRS captured at the same place last year.
“We are incredibly fast on the straights,” German Rosberg told Auto Motor und Sport.
“I would guess that at Monza we will be doing 360kph (223mph).”
Though the Mercedes and Ferrari figures are impressive the same can not be said for Renault whose fastest top speed during the whole week was just 308kph (191mph) with the RB10 a further 7kph less than that.
For a team like Caterham having to deal with the issues seen from the Renault power unit as well as deal with one of the lower budgets on the F1 grid amid a very expensive technological revolution has been very difficult.
“Currently we are not on Formula One level,” Kamui Kobayashi, 10 seconds off the pace on Saturday, is quoted by Speed Week. “It’s more GP2 level.
“We have so many problems with the car and the times are incredibly slow,” said the Japanese.
“When you look at what Mercedes is doing, it’s overwhelming, but it also shows us what is possible and in what direction we need to develop.”