Sochi Grand Prix to be world's 'best'

Russian Grand Prix consultant Richard Cregan believes Sochi's facilities will make it the best location in Formula One.
The event has been added to the 2014 F1 calendar and is being held in the same park that is currently hosting the Winter Olympics.

Though the facilities are yet to be fully completed, Russia's inaugural Grand Prix is slated for October 12 and Cregan believes it will not only rival the sport's very best venues, but surpass them all and help provide an exciting future for F1 in the country.

Cregan said: "We strive to ensure that everything is ready to host the best race of the year. You should look at the remarkable infrastructure and facilities, which were created for the Olympic Games.

"Similar efforts are being made for building the Formula One facilities, and when the construction is complete, these will be the best facilities in the world.

"I have been here for some time. It's very impressive to see what has been created, and the will and passion to succeed (too).

"In terms of what we’re doing at the moment, the construction has stopped because of the Olympics, but at same time we are very busy preparing for the race in terms of organisation.

"(We are) creating a team to deliver the race and deal with stakeholders, making sure we have everything ready and available.

"Marketing campaigns and PR campaigns too. There's a lot of work now which we can do in a relatively quiet construction period which should give us an edge.

"As soon as the Olympics are completed we will be completely flat out. We will create a very good future for motorsport in Russia."