Nurburgring Grand Prix, European GP

Vital Information

* Location: Nurburg, Germany
* Direction: clockwise
* Lap Length: 5.148km
* Race Laps: 60
* Race Legnth: 308.88km
* Lap Record: 1:29.468 (Michael Schumacher, 2004)

About this circuit

This circuit was opened for Grand Prix action in 1984 with Alain Prost winning the European event, and the German event in ‘85. After that, it did not see another race for ten years, before the European Grand Prix was again placed on the calendar in 1996.

The Nurburgring is a fast and forgiving circuit. Medium downforce settings are usually employed.

Like Spa, the Nurburgring – which is located in Germany’s Eiffel region – has a reputation for unusual weather. On occasions, one half of the track has been completely dry whilst on the other rain is pouring. 

A personal favourite,the main attraction for me is the varying weather conditions in different parts of track.
Watching out to see whether Ferrari just had some Imola magic or was it really a massive change in form. huh.gif unsure.gif