Racing Fan Builds Ferrari F1 Replica for the Road for $4,300 [w/Video]

It won't G-force your back onto the seat nor will it tingle your spine with a screeching sound of a V8 engine turning at 10,000rpm, and if you name starts with Usain and ends in Bolt, you could probably outrun it in a street race, but damn; this is an impressively cool build for a car that was created in a small island shop in the Bali Sea purely from the love and passion for F1.
Unearthed by our friends over at Autonemagz, the Scuderia Ferrari F1 doppelganger was made by Mr. Abdul Latif from the Indonesian island of Lombok, located just east of Bali.
It only cost about IDR 50 million or approximately US$4,300 in materials, but Mr. Latif put in a whole lot of sweat, tears and time to create what you see here, and living in a small island with limited resources, meant that, many components had to be manufactured by hand from scratch.
The racing car clone, which is closer in size to an F3 than an F1, is loosely based on parts sourced from a 1980's Daihatsu Hijet (it’s a super small microvan and pickup truck series), including the 550cc engine (mounted up front) and platform and suspension components. It’s worth noting that the car is street legal.
Mr. Latif says that he has plans to build another replica in the near future, one that will be similar in dimensions to the real F1 cars and feature an engine mounted right behind the driver.