Button says nothing 'scares' him ahead of F1 Grand Prix

London: Formula One racer Jenson Button has said that there is nothing he is `afraid` of as the last couple of months have put everything into `perspective` for him.

Button is reportedly not concerned that this may be his last year on the grid as returning McLaren boss Ron Dennis shocked everyone by not extending Button`s contract beyond this season.

According to the Mirror, there are claims that Button will have a difficult time against McLaren`s new signing Kevin Magnussen but Button has said that for him its `different than a guy` who has been in it for three or four years.

Button also said that he and Magnussen talk a lot about set-up and Button trusts the `good feedback` on Magnussen adding that he is very quick which is expected out of someone who is driving for McLaren.

The shock death of Button`s father John, has completely changed Button`s old perception of life as he has said that the last couple of months have put everything into perspective and he is going to race because he `loves` it and further added that if he performs well this season he would be racing again the next year, but whatever happens he is not `scared` of anything.

Button, who is preparing for the upcoming Grand Prix season which kick starts in Australia, is reportedly the oldest driver on the grid this season following Mark Webber departure from Red Bull.