Fernando Alonso insists F1 racing style will not change in 2014

Fernando Alonso does not expect the style of racing in Formula 1 to be different in 2014, despite the major changes to the technical regulations for this season.
F1 is preparing for a new era with 1.6-litre turbocharged engines and new aerodynamic specifications that have made the cars look different to their predecessors.
But, with pre-season testing now complete, Alonso believes that the changes to the cars for this year will not have a big effect on the racing.
"There's not a big difference with last year," he said. "In terms of driving style there's nothing big.
"We were saving the tyres from lap one of the stints last year, and we are saving the tyres from lap one this year. That's no different.
"I don't think things will change that much, but obviously the cars are slower."
The two-time world champion hinted that he is not impressed with the prospect of F1 being slower over a race distance this year.
"The cars have less downforce, and in the race they have less power because you have to manage the battery a little bit more than in qualifying," he said.
"All these things make the race much slower over the full distance. We like to drive fast cars, not slow ones."While Alonso does not expect the differences in races to be huge, he admitted in Bahrain that the behaviour of the new engines takes a lot of getting used to.
"Definitely it's different, all though the speeds and the straights," he said of the new 'power unit'.
"On the exit of the corner the driveability is different because the turbo is coming in so you need to anticipate when the power will come.
"There is also the power on the straight that feels a little bit different. The KERS is doing a lot of work.
"Today we have nearly double the (ERS) power so that is a lot of push when it is active. It's definitely strange."