Trap Tents To Snare Criminals at Silverstone During British Grand Prix

Trap tents for Grand Prix

CRIMINALS looking to target campers at the British Grand Prix could be in for a nasty surprise.

Trap tents are being kitted out with SmartWater, which has the potential to mark out anyone on the look out for something to steal.

Officers will be able to deploy quickly to the trap tents and will be armed with powerful ultra-violet torches, which will pick out the offenders by lighting them up like a Christmas tree.

SmartWater boards and information will be put up on the campsites around Silverstone circuit warning criminals and reassuring visitors about the operation which will run for the duration of the event.

The last time SmartWater was deployed at Silverstone was four years ago, when the lowest number of crimes since 1990 was recorded.

The Grand Prix is expected to attract up to 250,000 people over the course of the weekend (June 19 to 21).

The SmartWater solution is almost invisible to the naked eye but glows under ultraviolet light. Dubbed ‘forensic coding’, the process is modelled on the idea of DNA profiling, with each SmartWater solution containing its own unique code.

Once dry the solution will remain on items for over 100 years and is virtually impossible to remove and rubs off on anyone who handles the items.

Chief Inspector Tom Thompson, of Northamptonshire Police, said: “We are pleased to be able to include SmartWater as part of this year’s crime operation at Silverstone.

“It is an excellent deterrent and we hope this will make the would-be criminals think twice before embarking on a crime.

“It links in to the work we are doing with South Northamptonshire Council and the campsite owners at Silverstone have signed up to the planning process.”

Dave Reynolds, a spokesman for SmartWater, added: “We hope that the presence of SmartWater will deter any thieves operating at Silverstone, making this year’s Grand Prix a safe and secure environment for the whole family.

“When deployed on a large scale, the potent deterrent factor of SmartWater has successfully reduced burglaries and thefts and maintains a 100% conviction rate.”