Här är en intressant artikel (i brist på annat att rapportera, det är minst sagt lågsäsong bland nyheterna trots att Turkiets Grand Prix närmar sig) i Londons Evening Standard.

De skriver att Bernie registrerat varumärket Formula 1 Gran Premio di Roma och att man fruktar att det kommer gå ut över F1 i Storbritannien. Så här skriver de;

A Formula One race through the streets of Rome has come a step closer to reality, increasing fears that it could shunt the stricken British Grand Prix off the sport’s calendar.

The possibility of an F1 race in the Italian capital has been speculated about for months with feasibility studies believed to have been carried out. Giving weight to this speculation, Standard Sport has learned that F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone has applied for a pan-European trademark for the title ‘Formula 1 Gran Premio di Roma’.

It is the first time since the 1980s the name of a city has been included in the title of a Grand Prix and the Rome race will accompany the Italian Grand Prix in Monza on F1’s calendar. The trademark application was filed last month and is a crucial step in staging the event.

It is believed that the race will be run on a 4.6-kilometre circuit through the streets of the financial district south-west of the ancient heart of Rome. The area is ideal to host a Grand Prix as its streets were widened to accommodate heavy traffic in the 1940s.

Holding an F1 race in Rome was the dream of the late Enzo Ferrari, founder of the eponymous car company and the inaugural Rome race is expected to be held in 2011, 23 years after his death. Its inclusion in F1 increases the likelihood Britain will lose its Grand Prix.

The race in this country is due to move from Silverstone to Donington next year but this is now in question after a key financial backer reportedly pulled out of the project leaving a hole in its £100million budget.