Hungarian Grand Prix 2009

Hungarian Grand Prix 2009

Louise Goodman has a lot to answer for. In 1997 Damon Hill overtook Michael Schumacher's Ferrari on turn one of the Hungaroring then led the race right up until the last lap... in an Arrows.

Goodman may consider her news-breaking good old-fashioned journalism: she reported in the closing stages that Damon had a problem - but really it was her worst moment and we can never forgive her for that.

As Damon nursed his stricken Arrows home, Jacques Villeneuve, in his Williams, pounced and pinched the win in the final corners. Damon finished second.

The Hungarian race, however, has been very kind to the Brits. Nigel Mansell secured a great victory in 1989, and both Damon and Jenson Button scored their maiden F1 victories there, but how much do you know about Hungary and its F1 history? Have a go at our quiz and find out