Volt pricing, a little more defined

Chevy Volt wind tunnel
Here on Ridestory I've written both about Volt price speculation and its cost of innovation.
This week, General Motors Chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner was interviewed by talk-show host Charlie Rose, saying that the Volt will sell for around $35,000 to $39,000.
"We initially hoped we could get it for a very, very good price, let's say below $30,000. It's going to be more expensive than that for the first couple of years. Haven't finalized it...but it'll be in the mid- to high-thirties is my best guess."
Wagoner also reiterated GM's desire for "a significant subsidy" from the government. GM has been lobbying Congress for a $7,000 tax credit for Volt buyers. Theoretically, with the subsidy, buyers could get the car for less that $30,000.
Of course, it's still all speculation. The 2010 model year could prove interesting for General Motors.