Nissan Nuvu Concept – 5 years later you possibly buy 10 model of vehicles

nissan nuvu concept parisWatching futuristic movies such as the Demolition Man and Minority Report has given us an insight into what the future holds in the automotive industry. The concepts which employ a soothing high-tech styling theme could one day be seen in full production form rather than the heavily toned down models we are limited to at the moment. The new Nissan Nuvu Concept is one such model that would nicely fit into the future, the curvaceous body profile, smooth design lines and futuristic interior back up this theory. But back in reality, we are actually looking at a preview of the next generation Nissan Micra.
The mini car is just 3 meters long but the interior has been designed to provide occupants the kind of space usually accustomed to models in the C segment with its 2+1 layout.
Power for the concept comes courtesy of a zero emissions Electric drivetrain, it previews a system set to be employed in the electric vehicle Nissan plans to launch in Japan and the United States in 2010. This electric motor is mounted on the rear of the vehicle with all of it power output directed to the back wheels. Power and torque figures are being withheld at this time, but Nissan are kind enough to announce it has a driving range of 125km and a top speed of 120km/h.