Se trata de la última entrega de la famosa saga de carreras arcade Trackmania, que en esta última entrega hace gala de unos espectaculares gráficos con unos requerimientos muy bien ajustados. Entre otras muchas utilidades, se dispone de un creador de circuitos muy completo, con más de 50 bloques distintos para hacer nuestras pistas de ensueño, además de un utilísimo y completísimo editor de "skins" para nuestro coche, además de los más de 60 skins prediseñados con el logo de cada país.

Requisitos de sistema:

Requisitos mínimos:

* Procesador: 500 MHz
* Memoria: 256 MB
* Vídeo: 64 MB
* Espacio libre en disco: 750 MB
* DirectX 9.0c

Requisitos recomendados:

* Procesador: 1,8 MHz
* Memoria: 512 MB
* Vídeo: 128 MB
* Espacio libre en disco: 750 MB

Link de descarga:

Rising Eagle: Futuristic Infantry Warfare

Rising Eagle Game Client


CPU Intel Pentium® 4 2.4GHz,Intel Pentium® 4 3.0GHz or better

RAM 1GB DDR,1GB DDR or more

HD Space 3GB

Video Card 128MB,DX9.0c support;256MB,DX9.0c support.

Resolution 800x600,1024x768

Sound DX9.0c compliant

OS Windows XP & Vista 32bit

LAN Game Ethernet 100mbps

Online Broad band connection:128kbps upload, 1.5Mbps download.

Note: Rising Eagle was not officially tested for Windows Vista® 64 bit.

Rising Eagle Dedicated Server

CPU Intel Pentium® 4 3.4GHz or better


HD Space 3GB

Video Card No special card required

Display Resolution 800x600

Sound No special card required

OS Windows 2003 Server®, Windows XP® 32bit, Windows Vista® 32bit

LAN Game Ethernet 100mbps

Internet Game 5 Megabits upload/download for 32 players

SingTel Race 2008

The SingTel Simulator is a sight, sound and motion simulator that gives you the experience of driving a real Formula One™ race car. Physically, the SingTel Simulator looks just like a Formula One™ car. It has the Singapore Grand Prix circuit loaded in a virtual software that is displayed on 3 LCD screens. Mounted on a motion-enabled platform, it allows the user to experience every thrilling hairpin turn, every heart-pounding skid, brake and crash while zooming down the actual Singapore Grand Prix circuit at breakneck speeds.

Alien Arena 2008 v7.0 (for Linux)

This game is the followup to the critically acclaimed( ) Alien Arena 2007, and features nearly all new game media, gameplay improvements, and a client that has been signifigantly upgraded for improved visual effects as well as major optimizations that greatly improve the fluidity and performance.

Alien Arena 2008 also offers a change to it's overall theme, moving towards a slightler darker, more serious tone, while still retaining a good bit of it's retro style, creating an interesting marriage between classic and modern sci-fi. This resulted in completely new player models, many new weapon models and textures, and seventeen, yes, seventeen new levels! The transformation is nothing short of remarkable.

There are major improvements in weapon effects, per-pixel lighting, texture resolution, and resource usage, as well as the addition of a cross platform server browser, FUSE. Weapons have been tweaked for better balance, and movement has been enhanced with the addition of dodging abilities. Alien Arena 2008 will run on Windows and Linux, and the OSX/Mac port will be released in one week.